Strategic Marketing

Together with our in-house real estate brokerage Tiber Creek Real Estate, we take a strategic advertising approach to ensure the best results. All advertising efforts start with an immediate tenancy in mind. We will:
  • Help you set a competitive Rental Price to ensure your property gets the best rent with the least vacancy rates possible.
  • Take professional quality, wide angle photos of your property to ensure a best-in-class presentation.
  • List your property in the regional multiple listing service (MRIS) which syndicates both locally and nationally to over 50 web sites like, Google, Zillow, Trulia,, several Military Sites, and more!
  • Field all inquiries form the public to pre-qualify applicants, schedule private in-person tours (managing all aspects of timing with current tenant), and provide all feedback to you.

Tenant Screening

The best way to insure maximum income is to produce the highest quality tenants. The worst case scenario for any Landlord is an eviction – removing tenants from your property by force is both financially and emotionally exhausting – so making sure you sign a lease with the right people can mean the difference between profit and loss. Our tenant qualification process includes:
  • Credit Check Evaluation
  • Public Record Search
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Employment Verification
  • Rental History Evaluation

Management & Maintenance

One of the many benefits of using Silver Spring Property Management as your property management company is our approach to maintaining the condition of your rental property. Managing day-to-day maintenance of your rental property requires more than a handyman. It requires an in depth knowledge of the many aspects of rental repairs, and the resources that only come through years of partnership and experience with quality, local contractors. We will:
  • Provide and execute a legally thorough and valid lease for Montgomery County with each tenant.
  • Completing a thorough Move In/Move Out report for each tenant including photos where apropriate, eliminating all unnecessary costs to landlord caused by tenant.
  • Collecting and keeping in escrow all security deposits and coordinating the return of those funds (minus any expenses for property repair/maintenance)
  • Collect monthly rent and distribute to you in a timely manner (electronically or by mail, you choose).
  • Provide regular Income Statements and an Annual Income/Expense Report including all receipts – all of the documentation you require for proper filing of income taxes.
  • Handle 100% of all tenant communications, providing both basic and emergency contact information to be available for and responsive to all of their needs.
  • Stay in constant communication with you about all repairs or maintenance needed at the property, keeping you abreast of diagnosis and cost to eliminate surprises.